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Saturday 30 May 2015
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
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Live Kidney Donor Partnership - North West

Kidney failure can hit anybody of any age, and any walk of life. If you or your loved one is unlucky enough to have kidney failure the best treatment you could possibly hope for would be a kidney donated from a living person.


Being a person who gives a kidney to a loved one has been described as the opportunity to give the gift of life or set someone free from dialysis.


But, donating a kidney is a big decision and a brave one. You have to have all the facts to make the right decision for you. This website will give you information about kidney donation in general and in the North West in particular to help you make that decision.


This website has been developed by the 3 centres involved in living donation in the North West, Royal Preston, Salford Royal and Manchester Royal Infirmary - in partnership with the local Kidney Patient Associations and local families who have been through donation.


Giving a kidney to a loved one has been described as the giving the gift of life or setting someone free from dialysis. It is also the best kind of replacement treatment for kidney failure that exists. Deciding to be considered for donation however is a big step and needs careful thought and investigation. Different people approach it in different ways and like anything in life, have different expectations and experiences. This website aims to give you a chance to look at the journey of being considered for donation in both practical, physical and emotional terms.

The site takes you through WHY - live kidney donation is the best treatment available for people with kidney disease. HOW - you go about looking into donation. WHERE - all the tests are done, then the operation itself and what life is like after donation for all concerned.

In our FAQ - frequently asked questions section you can see a list of questions real families and donors have compiled as well as a downloadable ‘check-list’ of things you may want to take to any meetings with health care workers. there are also links to other useful websites.

In our Patient Stories section - we have video clips of different views and experiences on donation or being investigated for donation - including donors, recipients and other family members. You can also order a copy of our DVDs which explain more in detail about kidney donation in the North West.

Finally – at different stages of this journey you may have questions that you want to check out – you can contact us via the Support and Contact page - including details of the Live Kidney Donor Coordinators in the North West. You can also use our messaging service to contact us and we will try and get you the most appropriate answers from the right person within 2-3 working days. There are details of how you can sign up to a UK social networking site for kidney donors and would-be donors - to get share your stories, get advice and support from people who have walked the walk!


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