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Friday 19 January 2018
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Clinic appointment

Orthotics Service

The Orthotics department supplies Orthosis to patients who require them via Primary, secondary and tertiary care providers, An Orthosis is a device which supports the body externally to improve function and often to help reduce pain. 

The Orthotics service at Salford royal NHS Foundation Trust provides a large range of Orthosis, these range from Insoles to Spinal braces.The supports provided maybe used following a traumatic injury or to support a biomechanical issue caused by a pathological condition i.e. Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis or Scoliosis. 

On first arrival in Orthotics you will be assessed for the relevant Orthosis, this may involve being asked to move in certain ways whilst seated or walking, from this assessment an orthosis will be provided if required, if the item required is not in stock then you may be asked to return for either a mid-fitting or a supply appointment depending on the device required.  



The Orthotic service at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust provides a service for both inpatients and outpatients.

The Inpatient service is situated on Level 0 of the Turnberg building opposite the Ground Café.   

Clinics are also held at Walkden Gateway.  

As part of our service to the wider community the Orthotic department provides undergraduate training as Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is an active university hospital. 

How do you receive referrals?

Referrals are received in the Orthotic department from both Inpatient and outpatients clinics, on receipt of all referrals they are triaged and then allocated to a clinic. Any referrals which are not appropriate are discussed with the referrer and forwarded to the correct department.

Further Information


Level 0, Turnberg Building, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Monday to Friday

8.00am – 4.00pm


Orthotics@srft.nhs.uk ( all referrals requires the patients details and the reason for the referral )

Senior Member Paul Macdonald