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Tuesday 02 September 2014
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Meet the team

Meet the Team

We offer a direct point of contact for all patients in case of questions or problems.  For more detailed contact information please see our Useful Contacts section.


PortraitName, Job TitleProfessional Profile
DavidLewisDavid Lewis (Dr) Dr David Lewis is the medical lead for the Peritoneal Dialysis Programme and Kidney Biopsy service. 
David NewDavid New (Dr) Dr David New’s clinical commitments are in chronic kidney disease, haemodialysis and transplantation. He is clinical lead for haemodialysis governance. His research interests are in cardiovascular function and risk factors in kidney patients.
Dr Donal O@DonoghueDonal O'Donoghue (Prof) Professor Donal O'Donoghue was National Clinical Director for Kidney Care until 2013 and worked between the Department of Health in London, kidney services across England and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust where he contributes to the provision of outpatient clinics.    He is an honorary lecturer at the University of Manchester and publishes regularly on the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease, progression of glomerular disease, renal anaemia, models of service delivery and clinical outcomes.
Ed O'RiordanEd O'Riordan (Dr) Dr O’Riordan’s clinical commitments include CKD, haemodialysis and general Nephrology.   He supervises the departmental vasculitis clinic and immunosuppression service (non-transplant). Research interests include urinary proteomics and vasculitis.   He is co-Chair of the Regional Renal Audit and audit lead for the renal department.
GrahameWoodGrahame Wood (Dr) Clinical lead for Home Haemodialysis. Member of the Transplant Clinical Governance Group and Live Donor Assessment Clinic.  Responsibility for general nephrology clinics in Wigan and Leigh.     Research interests are in cardiovascular risk factors and novel markers of cardiovascular disease. Department lead for Renal Patient View.
JanetHegartyJanet Hegarty (Dr) Dr Janet Hegarty was appointed as Consultant in 2006 and, together with Dr Ed O’Riordan, runs Wigan Renal Unit.    Janet delivers kidney transplant clinics, general nephrology clinics, acute ward work and has an interest in improving patient care via Quality Improvement projects. These have led to eradication of acute dialysis line infections in the department, halving of the cardiac arrest rate on the ward and improvements in attainment of key clinical outcomes such as BP and anaemia (see Collaborate in Kidney Replacement Therapy).   She has led the North West Live Kidney Donor Partnership and is the Director of the CLARHC CKD Improvement Programme which has been working on improving kidney care in 4 PCTs in Greater Manchester.
Phil KalraPhil Kalra (Prof) Professor Phil Kalra was appointed consultant at Salford Royal in 1995. He has clinical interests in CKD and renal transplantation and is the departmental research lead with a profile in research into renovascular disease and in cardiovascular disease in CKD.   Phil is chairman of the NIHR CRN National Renal speciality group for clinical trials, a member of the KR-UK research grants committee and chair of the UK Renal Research Collaboration’s Cardio-Renal clinical speciality group.   He also has a major interest in education, being known to most candidates preparing for the MRCP and also for helping to initiate integrated education in both Cardiology and Nephrology.
Dr PM UthappaPuchimada (PM) Uthappa (Dr) Dr P M Uthappa’s clinical commitments include CKD, Haemodialysis, in-patient care and General Nephrology. He shares responsibility for Rochdale satellite Haemodialysis unit with Dr Sinha. He covers the Rochdale and Oldham general Nephrology clinics and also in-patient referrals from Oldham Hospital.   Dr Uthappa is the Specialty Tutor for Renal Medicine and is also the lead for departmental undergraduate Medical education along with Dr Sinha. He is the lead for in-patients governance and for Green Nephrology.
Rachel MiddletonRachel Middleton (Dr) Dr Rachel Middleton's clinical interests are in renal transplantation and early CKD and her research interest is in epidemiology of CKD.    Rachel shares responsibility for Bolton Satellite Unit with Dr Aladdin Shurrab.
Rosie DonneRosie Donne (Dr) Dr Rosie Donne works 3 days per week and is the lead for the Advanced Kidney Care Service (AKCS) at Salford Royal. The AKCS service prepares patients for dialysis and transplantation.  Rosie also covers the Trafford General renal clinic. Rosie's main research interests are the genetic basis of atypical Haemolytic uraemic syndrome and vascular access for dialysis.