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Sunday 21 January 2018
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Inclusion and Equality

Striving to identify and reduce health and employment inequalities through active engagement with all.  

We believe everyone should have equal outcomes from their  healthcare and employment opportunities.


Ending discrimination in health services is not just about making buildings accessible or providing information in alternative formats.  It is about working in partnership with community groups, patients, carers and staff  to identify barriers and developing innovative solutions to reduce those barriers so that we can meet the needs of all our service users and employees.


Key Achievements for 2015/16

  • Service User Disability Champion Group - this public and patient working group has been involved in several improvement initatives including developing a video version of the outpatient leaflet, holding a disability world cafe syle learning event and working with Information Technology team .  
  • Trained over 20 staff & volunteers from the Meet & Greet in British Sign Language and set up a bi-montly signing circle to ensure skills are kept up to date.
  • Launched a 12 month developed project for the Trust's 'Meet, Greet and Scooter' scheme; which allows people with additional support needs to book a volunteer to escort them to and from appointments, with an electric scooter if required. From Oct 2015 -16 the team have supported 600 visits.
  • Delivery of staff awareness sessions to improve and promote the needs of our diverse community including; sensory loss, autisim, learning disability, religion & belief and transgender. The I&E team also deliver sessions across a range of internal development courses.
  • Staff Inclusion Network and Stonewall Champions forums continue to support the organisation to deliver on it's key equality objectives. 
  • Launched work on meeting NHS England's New Accessible Information Standard, which includes asking, recording and meeting the needs of service users with additional communication needs.  
  • Held the first BME staff BIG Listen event, which invited guests speakers from across the region and all staff to openly discuss the Trust's results from the WRES (workforce race equality standard), develop an understanding and views on this data and begin to develop joint actions to improve outcomes. 

Equality Outcomes Assessments

This link takes you to the full section which holds information on equality outcomes assessments taken on policy documents and service developments at the Trust.


Public & Staff Consultations

Within this section you will find information on Consultations the Trust has undertaken with local community groups, key stakeholders and staff forums to ensure that we are working towards equal access to services and employment opportunities.


Single Equality Schemes & Performance/Action Plan

Within this section you will find information a comprehensive list of authorised documents relating to schemes which are carried out within the Trust.


Meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty

Within this section you will find information a comprehensive list of authorised documents relating to meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Workforce Race Equality Standard

This section shows show how our Trust is addressing race equality issues in a range of staffing areas.