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Monday 21 January 2019
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Meet the team

Service Teams

For more detailed information on our individual service team staff that you may meet whilst at the Trust please select the service group below by filtering by the service category, or alternatively, please type in the name of the person you are looking for in the search box.

For further information on the team and the services they provide, please visit our Our Services section.

PortraitName, Job TitleProfessional Profile
 Amy Wilson (Dr)Consultant
Ana JovanovicAna Jovanovic (Dr)Consultant in Adult Inherited Metabolic Disorders
 Anant Tambe (Mr.)Consultant
Andrea Hill - Meet the teamAndrea HillData Clerk Andrea has been working in the department for 4 years. Her role is to collect and enter data onto online Registries. She works with 6 Registries for patients with LSD disorders which are Fabry, Pompe and Gaucher disease, MPSII, MPSVI and Niemann-Pick Type C. All patients must give their consent for me to collect their medical histories and current medical data which I then enter onto the Registry. Patients also complete short health questionnaires which are also recorded. These Registries are valuable tools in research, and all information collected will be used to better understand these disorders, and improve the future management and treatment of these rare conditions.
 Andres Henry (Mr.)Consultant
 Andrew Bradley (Dr)Consultant
 Andrew Marshall (Dr)Consultant
Andrew PattisonAndrew Pattison (Dr)Consultant
 Andrzej Goscimski (Mr.)Consultant
 Angela Coumbarides (Dr)Consultant
 Angela Paisley (Dr)Consultant
 Anja Weidmann (Dr)Consultant
Anna PerksAnna Perks (Dr)Consultant
 Anna Richardson (Dr)Consultant
 Anna Walsham (Dr)Consultant
 Anne Cooper (Dr)Consultant
 Annice Mukherjee (Dr)Consultant
 Anthony Gleeson (Dr)Consultant
 Anubha Trehan (Dr)Consultant
 Arash Assadsangabi (Dr)Consultant
 Archana Herwadkar (Dr)Consultant
 Audrey Low (Dr)Consultant
 Ayse Turan (Dr)Consultant
 Bartholomew O'Driscoll (Dr)Consultant
 Basil Ammori (Mr.)Consultant