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Monday 21 January 2019
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Meet the team

Service Teams

For more detailed information on our individual service team staff that you may meet whilst at the Trust please select the service group below by filtering by the service category, or alternatively, please type in the name of the person you are looking for in the search box.

For further information on the team and the services they provide, please visit our Our Services section.

PortraitName, Job TitleProfessional Profile
Abby ConlinAbby Conlin (Dr)Consultant
Abdul LalkhenAbdul Lalkhen (Dr)Consultant
 Abed Hassoon (Dr)Consultant
Adam JeansAdam Jeans (Dr)Consultant
Adam RobinsonAdam Robinson (Dr)Consultant
Adam ZermanskyAdam Zermansky (Dr)Consultant
Adila AfzalAdila Afzal (Dr)Consultant
Adnan GebrilAdnan Gebril (Dr)Consultant
Adrian PaceAdrian Pace (Dr)Consultant
Akheel SyedAkheel Syed (Dr)Consultant
 Akhtar Khan (Mr.)Consultant
Akram HamoudiAkram Hamoudi (Mr.)Consultant
Alan FitchetAlan Fitchet (Dr)Consultant
Alan HewittAlan Hewitt (Mr.)Consultant
Alan SoraniAlan Sorani (Dr)Consultant
Alejandro Gomez-Quintanilla Alejandro Gomez-Quintanilla (Dr)Consultant
 Alexandra Ford (Dr)Consultant
 Alison Pike (Dr)Consultant
Alison RobertsAlison Roberts (Dr)Consultant
 Alistair Cowie (Dr)Consultant
 Amaya Viros Usuandizaga (Dr)Consultant
 Amina Chaouch (Dr)Consultant
 Amit Herwadkar (Dr)Consultant
 Amit Kishore (Dr)Consultant
Amy GabrielidesAmy GabrielidesHealth Care Assisstant Amy's main role is to support the facilitation of clinics; this includes her carrying out patients observations, blood letting and co-ordinating the clinic. Amy is also involved in various diagnositc tests that the team carry out on patients including the organisation of sending specific samples to various parts of the world. She is also involved in supporting the research team with their various projects. A key role of Amy's is to regular review and update the out-patient clinic list.