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Tuesday 13 November 2018
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Group Council of Governors 

As part of our exciting work with Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust to create a Group, Salford Royal's Council of Governors approved changes to its own composition; and agreed to establish a subcommittee of the Salford Royal Council of Governors, to be known as the shadow 'Group Council of Governors' committee. This Group Council of Governors comprises all Salford Royal Governors and elected shadow Governors from the Pennine constituencies (Oldham, Bury, Rochdale & North Manchester).

Care Organisation Map

The Group's Council of Governors is made up of :

Public Governors 

5 x Salford Public Goverors 
5 x Bury and Rochdale Public Governors 
3 x Oldham Public Governors 
2 x North Manchester Public Governors 
2 x Rest of England and Wales 

Staff Governors 


4 x Salford Staff Governors 

2 x Bury and Rochdale Staff Governors 

2 x Oldham Staff Governors 
2 x North Manchester Staff Governors 

Appointed Governors 

1 x University of Manchester 

1 x University of Salford  

1 x Salford City Council 
4 x Local Authority Governors selected from the represented local authorities  

Contact Your Governor

The Group Council of Governors are the direct representatives of staff, public and member interest, particularly in relation to the strategic direction of the organisation.  We encourage members of the public, patients, service users and carers to liaise with Governors to help improve the way we work and deliver services.

There are several easy ways to contact your Governor.

  1. Email Foundation@srft.nhs.uk with the name of the Governor in the subject field
  2. Contact the Membership Office on 01706 517302 or 0161 206 3133
  3. Write to your Governor at :

Membership Department


Group Executive


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


Stott Lane




M6 8HD


Dates of Meetings

The Group Council of Governors meet regularly throughout the year, all meetings are open to the public.  All meetings of the Group Council of Governors will be followed immediately by a meeting of the Salford Royal Council of Governors where ratification of decision is required.

Dates for future meetings are :- 

  • 26 September, 2018, 2pm-4.30pm, Lecture Theatre, Postgraduate Education Centre, North Manchester General Hospital 
  • 5 December 2018, 2pm-4.30pm, Humphrey Booth Lecture Theatre, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust 

If you have an queries regarding the Group Council of Governors meetings please call the Membership Team on 01706 517302 or 0161 206 3133, email Foundation@srft.nhs.uk 

Papers for the Group and Salford Royal Foundation Trust are available in the document section here.


Role of the Group Council of Governors

In broad terms the Group Council of Governors is responsible for :

Holding to Account - To hold the Non- Executive Directors accountable for the work of the Committees in Common and the performance of the Group. 

Representing - To represent the views of the membership, both staff and public members. 


Other roles and responsibilities of the Group Council of Governors are:

Appointing or removing the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors 

Being involved in the recruitment and appointment of the Group Chief Executive.

To decide the remunerations and allowances, and the other terms and conditions of office, of the Non-Executive Directors. 

To appoint or remove the Group Auditor 

To be presented with the annual accounts, any report of the financial auditor on them and the annual report. 

In preparing the annual plan, the directors shall have regard to the view of the Group Council of Governors 

All Governors shall, in discharging their roles and responsibilities, act at all times in the best interests of the Group. 


Contact the Membership Office if you would like to know more or click on 'information for potential governors'.


Group Council of Governor Elections

There are currently no elections taking place for the Group Council of Governors.  The next scheduled elections will commence July 2019.  Results of previous elections can be found here.