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Friday 19 July 2019
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Chaplaincy volunteers

Chaplaincy Volunteers

Volunteers supporting our Hospital Chaplains come from a variety of faiths and denominations, providing religious and spiritual support to patients and visitors of all faiths and of none.


What is Chaplaincy About?

The chaplain is one who shares support with those in the storms of life and offers some spiritual protection in those storms. Today’s Chaplains and Chaplaincy Volunteers do not restrict themselves to the religious needs of service users, but offer a broad range of responses to spirituality and recovery.  Chaplains and Volunteers can play an integral role within the healthcare team, and staff may find them a source of support as well as patients. This helps to increase mutual understanding and trust within the multi-disciplinary team so as to respond to the spiritual needs of service users and promote a culture of recovery.


What is Chaplaincy Volunteering About?

Those who join us as Chaplaincy Volunteers become a part of a team of people who visit round the hospital wards on behalf of the Chaplains. They are our eyes and ears, offering a very important ability; listening.  Chaplains and Volunteers are always happy to listen, not only to religious, spiritual, or pastoral problems, but also to anyone who needs a listening ear.


Chaplaincy Volunteers are also here to offer people support and understanding. They deal with people who maybe facing an uncertain future and spend a lot of time listening those who are unwell or their carers. Courtesy and consideration for patients, carers and staff goes a long way in meeting their spiritual care needs and people often appreciate it when you take the trouble to listen to them or help them to practice their religion.


If you are interested in becoming a Chaplaincy Volunteer then you can register your interest using the link below: