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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Greater Manchester Employer Coalition

Greater Manchester Employer Coalition (GMEC) works to harness employer leadership to open up first-step employment opportunities for all Greater Manchester residents. GMEC Board members have developed the following statement, encapsulating the objectives of their role:


As a coalition of business leaders we will make Greater Manchester a better place to live and work. We are employers who make a real difference by using our leadership, innovation and career opportunities to unlock the potential of those furthest from the labour market.


GMEC is a network of over 500 local employers from different sectors and sized businesses working together to help those disadvantaged in the job market to find, keep and advance in work.

GMEC is driven by a Board of senior business leaders who endeavour to ensure that the strategic views of Greater Manchester’s employers, as key stakeholders in the employment and skills system, are effectively channelled to help shape its programmes and operations. The Board employs its leadership and innovation to make a real difference to the local economy, working hard to open up job and career opportunities to all communities.

GMEC works on a variety of strategic and practical initiatives to improve the employment prospects of local people:

  • Work with local and national government to ensure that welfare-to-work and skills strategies meet the needs of employers, and the aspirations of local people

  • Promote the business benefits of inclusive Human Resources practices, positive diversity management, and skills development to other employers

  • Build employer and community partnerships as a mechanism for attracting and recruiting local talent into the workplace

  • Support training and employment service providers to increase their understanding of employer needs, and assist in the development of effective employment routeways.