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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Salford Royal’s Dr Foster results

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has the lowest death and weekend mortality rates in the North West, according to the national Dr Foster Hospital Guide.


The Guide looks at overall death rates, deaths after surgery and a range of other indicators to build up a picture of the quality and safety of a hospital’s services.


The Trust has recorded a death rate of 801 and a weekend mortality rate of 87.42 – the best figures in the region – and believes its implementation of measures to ensure patients who are admitted to the hospital on a weekend or out of hours receive a high level of care has helped achieve this.


Medical Director Dr Chris Brookes said: “Nationally, there are variations in the standard of care delivered at weekends and out of hours and the care delivered during Monday to Friday working hours.


“As part of our goal to become the safest hospital in the country, we’ve proactively introduced measures to turn the tide on this situation and ensure patients who are admitted at weekends and evenings have the same outcomes as those we treat during the day.”


These include:

  • Senior member of staff input for emergency patients within four hours of arriving at Accident & Emergency and review by a Consultant within 12 hours;
  • Clear care management plans documenting each definitive stage of the patient’s journey;
  • Improved handover arrangements between staff going off and coming on shift;
  • Introduction of reliable care ward rounds to ensure all relevant aspects of a patient's care are considered;
  • Increased levels of access to ultrasounds as expected throughout the week.


Chief Executive David Dalton said: “Salford Royal supports the findings of Dr Foster, that consolidating some clinical services into fewer hospital sites can ensure that more clinical staff are available over a seven day period and at evenings – and as a consequence more lives can be saved.”


He added that the public must become aware of the evidence that centralising some services provides for safer and more reliable care.


Further notes
  1. Death rates means the hospital standardised mortality ratio (HSMR), a measure of deaths while in hospital care based on 56 conditions, representing 80 per cent of deaths. A high ratio would in general be more than 100.
  2. This relates to the death rate (see note 1) over the weekend.