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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Staff engagement is top at Salford Royal

Salford Royal has emerged as the best acute Trust nationally in the NHS Staff Survey 2012.


Out of 142 Trusts, Salford Royal received top results in the survey, which included questions asking staff how they feel about their Trust as a place to work or to be treated.  


Additionally, Salford Royal emerged as having the best overall staff engagement score, a score reached taking into consideration the categories of staff motivation, ability to contribute and whether they would recommend the Trust as a place to work or be treated.


The survey, conducted by the Department of Health, also confirmed that team working, communication between staff and senior management is strong, there are low levels of discrimination at work and staff feel empowered to make improvements and feel there are fair and effective procedures to report errors, near misses or incidents.


Salford Royal’s results show:

  • In 20 categories, the Trust is in the ‘best 20% of acute Trusts’

  • In seven categories, the Trust is ‘above/better than average’

  • In one category, the Trust is ‘average’

  • The Trust doesn’t appear in any categories for ‘worse than average’ or in the ‘worst 20%’.


Salford Royal Chief Executive David Dalton said: “I am delighted with our results, which re-enforces the strong link between high staff satisfaction and low mortality rates. At Salford Royal, we have been successful in creating an environment where staff feel listened to, valued and well supported; where they are enthusiastic about their work and free to concentrate on providing safe, clean and personal care to our patients.


“Salford Royal has the lowest mortality rates outside of London and I believe this is because we’ve created a culture which encourages staff to raise concerns when they have them and also to make suggestions to improve our services for patients and keep them free from harm.”


Theatre Porter Bernard Baines, who won the Support Worker of the Year award at Salford Royal’s most recent Staff Awards, said: “It’s a good place to work and I genuinely enjoy coming in to work every day. Everybody is working towards the same goal to provide a high standard of care to our patients.”