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Saturday 25 May 2019
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OG cancer team
The OG cancer team at Salford Royal

One of the biggest cancer surgical centres in Europe launches at Salford Royal

A specialist surgical centre at Salford Royal for patients with stomach and gullet cancer is set to become one of the biggest of its kind in Europe.

Oesophago-gastric (OG) surgical services across Greater Manchester will be delivered by Salford Royal, integrating services from Wythenshawe and the Manchester Royal Infirmary, making it the biggest single OG surgical centre in the UK.

A launch event for the single service was held at Salford Royal on Tuesday 4 December.

The OG cancer single service is part of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership’s devolution plan to achieve the fastest improvements in health and wellbeing, experience and outcomes for the region.

Patients from across Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire with OG cancer will still be seen at their local hospital for initial diagnosis and for follow-up outpatient appointments but those who will need operations will undergo highly-specialised surgery at the centre in Salford.

Jonathan Vickers, Consultant Surgeon at Salford Royal and Chairman of the GM oesophago-gastric cancer pathway board, said: “The single surgical site at Salford Royal is an important change which will help deliver improved clinical outcomes for people across Greater Manchester, provide a round the clock specialist OG emergency surgical service for the whole city-region and unparalleled opportunities for clinical research, working in partnership with our colleagues at The Christie.”

OG cancer is currently the fifth most common cause of cancer in the UK affecting around 15,000 people each year, and fourth most common cause of cancer death.

Jon Rouse, Chief Officer of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, the body made up of NHS organisations, councils and others with responsibility for the city-region’s devolved £6 billion health and care budget, said “We’re delighted that this new specialist surgical centre has launched at Salford Royal, it’s part of the wider devolution plan to provide more joined up care across the region and to improve access to treatment for those who need highly specialised OG surgery.”

Jack Sharp, Group Director of Service Strategy and Planning at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, which runs Salford Royal, said: “Our aim is to deliver high quality care for this group of patients and as a result, improve survival rates and improve an individual’s quality of life.

“People won’t need to travel into Salford for their initial or follow-up appointments; we want the care they receive to be as close to their own home as possible. However, when a patient does require surgery, they will be going to a centre with highly-specialised clinicians who will deliver the highest standards of surgical care and treatment for this often high risk and complex cancer.”

Approximately 160 OG cancer operations will be carried out at Salford each year, led by a team of eight specialist surgical consultants.

Salford will provide 24/7 emergency cover for out of hours OG cancer and complex benign (non-cancerous) emergencies. All patients requiring surgery will have a key worker from the surgical centre during their stay there. After surgery the patient will be supported by their local hospital and follow ups will be continued by the local clinical nurse specialist.

It is the aspiration for the Greater Manchester single service to be recognised nationally and internationally as a leading service for clinical research for OG cancer.