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Friday 18 January 2019
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There are four Adult Immunology centres in the North West region serving a population of eight million (including North Wales).  These centres are based in Salford, Central Manchester, Preston, Liverpool and Paediatric Immunology at Central Manchester Children’s Hospitals. The four centres have been working together within the North West Immunology Network sharing audits, protocols and experience and providing support and governance.


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust provides a comprehensive Clinical Immunology service and is a key hospital in the North West for seeing patients with Immunodeficiency and Allergy.


Patients with suspected or diagnosed immunodeficiency, mainly antibody deficiency, are managed by the team.  There are approximately 350 patients in the North West area who come under that remit with varying degrees intervention requirements under the care of the department. Adults with suspected immune deficiencies are seen within the Clinical Immunology clinics. There are no admitting facilities for Immunology.


We also provide a service for patients with hereditary angioedema. This is a rare inherited disorder of the immune system that results in unpredictable and occasionally serious skin or abdominal or throat swellings.


For further information regarding the laboratory veiw the Immunology Handbook