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Monday 21 June 2021
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Salford Royal provides the adult care of a joint service with Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust for Lysosomal storage disorders (LSD). The national service is funded by the national specialist group for patients living in England. 

Patients from Wales, Scotland and Ireland are also managed by the centre, and separate commissioning procedures are in place to accommodate this arrangement.   Read more...

Additional information about a range of conditions can be found under the Further information and Medical Dictionary headings which contains further information and useful links to external websites.

  • view of hospital from Hope Building, looking towards Mayo Building About The Mark Holland Metabolic Unitinformation about the team and an overview of the services we provide
  • male patient being seein in clinic, having blood pressure taken Adults with capacity issuesinformation on capacity
  • Pathology labs DiagnosisInformation on Diagnosis, Testing for Conclusive Diagnosis and Hereditary Implications and Genetic Screening
  • Asian female Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Manager discussing diet with Asian male person Dietetic ServicesOverview of the Dietetic service for Adult Inherited Metabolic Disorders
  • Myozyme infusion Enzyme Replacement Therapy Treatment (ERT/ SRT)Enzyme Replacement Therapy/ Substrate Replacement Therapy
  • Family, walking in park, exercise How the Diseases are InheritedThere are two different ways all Lysosomal Storage disorders are inherited the first being autosomal recessive inheritance which covers all but three L.S.Disorders which are Fabry Disease, MPS II and Danon Disease these are x linked disorders.
  • nurse with female patient Inpatient ServicesA number of our patients may require admission to Salford Royal Hospital, whether due to acute illness or for routine assessments. The Metabolic Department works closely with our allocated wards in order to provide our patients with the highest standard of care.
  • Clinic appointment Metabolic ConditionsA summary of metabolic conditions
  • nurse/dietitian smiling, wearing a white uniform Nursing ServicesNursing Services provided by the Mark Holland Metabolic Unit
  • Outpatient reception Outpatient Clinicsinformation for patients detailing our Outpatient Clinics
  • physio, holding ball, after surgery Physiotherapy ServicesA brief overview of the Physiotherapy Services in the Adult Inherited Metabolic Disorders
  • patient in clinic, having a consultation with their clinician ReferralsMany patients that come to our unit for treatment and support are usually referred - this page describes these different referral methods
  • female pushing a pram through the doors into a clinic Routine Tests and AssessmentsWhen our patients require further specialist investigations or treatment they will be sent an appointment and details when and where to attend within Salford Royal.
  • A&E - external shot, Emergency Medicine Unplanned / Emergency AdmissionsIn the case of an emergency admission, our patients usually attend their local hospital and the metabolic team will support the local treating medical team. If Salford Royal NHS is the patients local hospital will either be admitted to a specialist ward or allocated a bed on ward L6.