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Monday 21 June 2021
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About The Mark Holland Metabolic Unit

The Mark Holland Metabolic Unit at the Salford Royal is a designated specialist centre and as such accommodates patients across the UK and Northern Ireland.


In fact fewer than half of our total number of patients live in and around the Manchester area. People travel from as far away as Northern Ireland and Scotland to attend every six months to one year.


Almost all the Lysosomal Storage Disorder patients who are on treatment receive this treatment in their own homes. In this respect we are very well supported by home infusion nurses. Some patients are completely independent and administer their own enzyme.  Please see Homecare Service section for further information.


The department also looks after numerous metabolic patients with various metabolic conditions.


As a team we regularly attend and contribute to specialist conferences, meetings and symposiums internationally and in the UK. We regularly organise patient information days for different metabolic conditions.


Further details will be sent to our patients.


The Mark Holland Metabolic Unit at Salford Royal is a designated specialist centre offering treatment and management for adult patients with inherited metabolic disorders. It provides service for the North of England but also accommodates patients from other geographical areas including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 


The department provides diagnostic services, treatment, management, on-going care and support for patients with rare inherited metabolic diseases. These disorders can be broadly classified into General Metabolic Disorders and Lysosomal Storage Disorders. All patients receive appropriate advice, management and treatment for their condition.


Most of these conditions are multi-system disorders, which present with a complex clinical presentation. A mutli-disciplinary team approach is needed to provide the appropriate assessment and management. Within each disorder there are varying levels of severity from mild to severe, which can present as early as childhood, in adolescence or in later life.  The conditions are predominantly grouped by their confirmed disease characteristics.


The team consists of adult metabolic consultants, advanced clinical practitioner, metabolic dietitians, physiotherapists, pharmacist, metabolic specialist nurses, research team and administration team. The department is also supported by specialist input from neurologists, respiratory physicians, cardiologists, nephrologists, radiologists, and specialist laboratory team. This makes it a true multi-disciplinary team approach for our patients.