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Sunday 09 August 2020
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Chaplaincy Team

Meet the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Team

Appointed Chaplains

The chaplaincy and Spiritual Care department consists of a multi-faith and multi denominational team of chaplains and Chaplaincy volunteers.  The Chaplains are appointed by Salford royal are professionals from various religions, cultures and traditions.  

Jennifer Joyce-Hood

Name: Revd Jennifer Joyce-Hood


Preferred name: Jennifer


Position: Lead Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Anglican

Jennifer has been the Lead Chaplain in Salford Royal since July 2014 and from then on has been the co-ordinator of the Trust’s multi-faith Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team.  

Originally from Liverpool and following her first degree in psychology, Jennifer trained for ministry and was ordained as a priest within the Church in Wales.  From there Jennifer has gained a wide variety of ministerial experience; from urban to rural; parish to sector ministry.  

Jennifer enjoys traveling; trips to the theatre and Liverpool Football team (unlike most of her

colleagues). However, most evenings after work Jennifer can be found walking her Labrador dog, Poppy. 

Frank Waterworth

Name: Revd Frank Waterworth


Preferred name: Father Frank


Position: Full Time Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Roman Catholic

Frank was born in this very hospital along with his twin brother Kevin. “If only we had been identical…..what fun we’d have had over the years…..especially at school!”  Frank brings to the hospital his considerable experience of thirty five years ministry as a Roman Catholic Priest, including working as a Curate and Parish Priest.


He loves his garden which brings much enjoyment and relaxation.  Another of his great loves is that of music…Pop and Rock!! Namely: Prince; Michael Jackson; Stevie Wonder; Usher; George Michael; Kylie Minogue and The Rolling Stones etc.  Frank is also a keen Manchester United/ “Red Devils” supporter but sadly his duties have prevented him getting to many matches at Old Trafford.  

Another great interest is History and the excitement of watching the TV documentary series of Time Team.  Frank just wishes he was on that particular team digging up objects of great historical interest, especially hidden Roman Villas and pots of treasure; however, ultimately Frank’s main love and passion is serving the people of Salford as a Roman Catholic Healthcare Chaplain.”

Andrew Heslop

Name: Revd Andrew Heslop


Preferred name: Andrew


Position: Full Time Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Anglican 

Andrew has been one of the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Team here at Salford Royal since 2015.  Prior to that he worked in hospice and hospital chaplaincy elsewhere. 

He is very approachable and have a strong interest in palliative care.  He enjoys music (especially musical theatre – he has been known to do some amazing amateur dramatics), am keen on reading and walking and can also be bribed with chocolate of any kind! 

Jonathan Roitenbarg

Name: Jonathan Roitenbarg


Preferred name: Rabbi Jonathan


Position: Part Time Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Jewish

Rabbi Jonathan has been a chaplain in the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Team, since 2006.  Supported by volunteers, Rabbi Jonathan works to provide care and support to all patients, staff and visitors in the Trust.  An important part of Rabbi Jonathan’s role is to enable Jewish people here to access support and to find comfort from their faith.  This is offered through visiting patients; maintaining the Trusts Shabbos Room and working to ensure the provision of appropriate resources.  For example kosher food and prayer materials are available; an Eiruv boundary has been established and a Succour tent is provided.       

Rabbi Jonathan is also a healthcare chaplain at Wythenshawe Hospital and a chaplain at Manchester Airport.   In all Rabbi Jonathan’s work he say’s what he likes the most is “making a difference and helping people”. 

Francis Holman

Name: Revd Francis Holman


Preferred name: Francis


Position: Part Time Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Anglican

Francis retired from whole-time work in 2002 after more than 30 years as a hospital Chaplain in London and Salford.  He lives in Monton and as well as working one day each week in Salford Royal, he helps out in local churches as need arises. 


As well as helping his wife in the garden, Francis enjoys listening to classical music, especially music by J.S. Bach and D. Buxtehude but not Mozart.  He is also a member of the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society. 


Francis believes Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care exists to care for patients and their families; as well as staff; and that listening is very important.  

Assia Shah

Name: Assia Shah


Preferred name: Sister Assia


Position: Part Time Chaplain (4 hours per week)


Faith group/denomination: Muslim

Assia joined the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team at Salford Royal in July 2013.  Providing pastoral and spiritual support for patients, staff and visitors from all walks of life, Assia said “I feel privileged and proud to be a part of Salford Royal, it is a lovely environment to work in, where I have generally found staff to be positive and motivated.  We are here to give support to all, which may or may not involve elements of faith, as its not about preaching to people…It’s about enabling people to have hope and encouraging them to persevere.” 


As a Chaplain Assia seeks to give patients a sense of connection from a racial and cultural value base; as well as from their faith perspective.  Speaking Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and English fluently, Assia uses these skills to enable people to access spiritual support in a way that will be most beneficial and comforting to them.


Assia has previously worked within the University of Manchester and MMU as a Chaplain; and is a qualified Social Worker; Psychotherapist and formerly worked for the National Offender


Management Service.  Currently Assia is also a Chaplain at North Manchester General Hospital, as well as Manchester Airport.  Assia enjoys long walks; spending time with family; travelling and gardening!

Janet Hulse

Name: Revd Janet Hulse


Preferred name: Janet


Position: Part Time Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Anglican 

Janet has worked for the Trust since 2014 and is a familiar face on the wards with both staff and patients. In particular Janet takes a lead on providing support to all patients, staff and visitors in the Ladywell building. 


Janet is Salford born and bred.  Janet, her three children and grandchildren were all born in this

hospital, (“years apart I might add”).  As a keen Manchester United supporter, Janet likes to go to Old Trafford to watch them whenever possible.  Her current hope is that the new manger will make a big difference. Janet has met many famous faces, including. Jude Law. Dominic West, the late Linda Bellingham, and Ken Stott, but her favourite actor is Martin Shaw. Janet has seen Martin Shaw on stage but sadly not to speak to but she hopes in the near future that this will change.  

Ayoade Olusegun Oyewale

Name: Revd Ayoade Olusegun Oyewale


Preferred name: Olusegun


Position: Part Time Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Baptist

Olusegun is the newest member of the chaplaincy team, joining the Trust in March 2016. 

He is an ordained Baptist minister with a broad and varied experience of ministry including

Nigeria, Australia and most recently England.  His first degree is in Music and he loves driving, travelling and talking.  As a Baptist minister Olusegun is now the Trust’s part time Free Church Chaplain as well as continuing his work as a minister in a local Baptist Church.

Trust Appointed Volunteers

A large team of volunteers support the work of the Chaplains within the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Centre and by visiting patients on hospital wards.  Each volunteer is skilled and experienced in providing support and a listening ear to all.  Some of our volunteers are faith based and respond to specific religious requirements.  For example Eucharistic Ministers are able to take Holy Communion to Christian patients who have requested this. 


Kevina Byrne

Name: Sister Kevina Byrne


Preferred name: Sister Kevina


Position: Volunteer Chaplain


Faith group/denomination: Roman Catholic


Sister Kevina joined the chaplaincy team in March 2013 as a Voluntary Chaplain.  Sister Kevina is a member of the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph a Roman Catholic Religious Community.  When Sister Kevina is not visiting the patients of the hospital she enjoys reading and knitting.

Becoming a Chaplaincy Volunteer

We regularly hold chaplaincy volunteer training courses and are always interested to hear

from people representing faith or belief communities who may be interested in volunteering. 


Our chaplaincy volunteers help in several ways, including:

  • Visiting inpatients on wards
  • Supporting the Chaplaincy within the Centre
  • Leading Jumuah Prayers
  • Eucharistic ministry
  • Fundraising events



If you are interested in becoming a chaplaincy volunteer please contact the team.