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Saturday 27 November 2021
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Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team (CNRT)

The Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team (CNRT) offers specialist multi- disciplinary services for people with neurological conditions. The team provides appropriate assessment treatment, maintenance, support and advice for people living in the community and referral to other agencies as required.


To enable people to function as independently as possible by improving or maintaining their physical social and psychological well being through appropriate assessment and individual treatment regimes. To review the needs of people with chronic or deteriorating neurological conditions regularly and provide appropriate support and treatment as required.

To provide advice, education and support to service users, carers and other professional and voluntary services.

To work closely with patient’s carers and family in providing co-ordinated assessments within the community.

To advise on management issues to improve function or quality of life, set goals and review progress.


By health/social care professional using the Single Assessment Process Contact Assessment or via Letter.