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Wednesday 21 October 2020
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Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU)

The Emergency Assessment Unit functions to provide early assessment and treatment to adult patients, who are referred by their general practitioner or by the Accident and Emergency department.   The ward is located in the Hope Building.


The service is divided into an Ambulatory Care Area (AAA) with the goal of providing medical assessment, treatment and follow up without the need for hospital admission; the main ward where patients with more complex needs are initially assessed and treated. The AAA is designed to provide high quality patient outcome, good patient experience and save costs by avoiding unnecessary admissions.


To allow this to work EAU also has a Virtual ward and EAU clinics to facilitate early follow up and appropriate investigations, for example patients with deep vein thrombosis. The ward area is designed to accommodate more unwell medical patients whose illness requires a multidisciplinary approach and physiological observations to detect deterioration while their illness is being diagnosed or treated. EAU has 6 cardiac monitors available to help with observation.


An example of patients who require close observation and a MDT approach are patients with acute delirium.