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Friday 26 February 2021
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Falls Service

The Salford Falls Service is aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of falls, particularly among the older population who are most vulnerable to falls and injurious consequences.


Service Provided

The Falls Service provides clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment; support and rehabilitation and health education and promotion as well as education.

We conduct home visits, clinical appointments and follow up appointments. We also provide a rehabilitation service in the form of two different types of exercise/activity classes. In addition we provide falls management material in the form of booklets and films.

At the hospital we have an injurious falls clinic where patients who have a fracture due to a fall are seen by the orthopaedic/elderly care consultant. follows these patients up in another clinic reviewing their function, balance and general health.

There is also a non-injurious falls clinic for patients who have falls related to medical problems. These patients are seen by a consultant in elderly care and a nurse.

In the community there is a multidisciplinary team clinic with an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, nurse and pharmacist. We also provide a specialist practitioner clinic in which the consultant provides clinical service to patients.


Patients are referred into the service by any health or social services member of staff who identifies risk of falls. Risk of falls is determined by a risk assessment included on our referral form.