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Wednesday 21 October 2020
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Critical Care/Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

ICU ward

The Intensive Care Unit has 17 beds and admits around 800 patients a year.  Patients are admitted with a wide range of problems including head Injury, brain haemorrhage, trauma, pneumonia, bowel diseases and cancers.


Patients are normally only admitted if they have a life threatening illness, but have some reasonable chance of survival. About three quarters of patients admitted to the unit survive their stay in ICU. 


The chances of survival are dependent on the conditions causing the ICU admission and other chronic health issues that the patient has already been suffering from.



Patients are followed up after transfer to the wards and reviewed after they have been discharged from Hospital. This follow-up is organised by the ICU Follow-up Clinic, the clinic deals with physical and psychological problems associated with the patient’s stay on the ICU.  Patients with brain injury are normally followed up separately by neurological rehabilitation specialists.


Patients wishing to attend this clinic or who have problems with clinic appointments should contact Sister Heather Koppens, the Follow up Nurse. 


Patients who have any comments or suggestions about their ICU stay or any ideas about how their stay could have been improved, please write to the ICU Clinical Director or Matron – care of the ICU Secretary or e-mail dominique.grundy@srft.nhs.uk


Relatives & Visitors

We attempt to get feedback from relatives in regular surveys and in the follow-up clinic.  If you would like to let us know about your experiences as a visitor to the ICU, or have suggestions as to how we could improve our service please write to Sister Heather Koppens or e-mail dominique.grundy@srft.nhs.uk or view our relative support information leaflet


If, when visiting the unit, you are unhappy with the cleaning of the ICU or with infection control procedures or the frequency of staff hand washing, please bring this to the attention of the nurse in charge.




There are well over 150 nurses, junior doctors, support workers and clerical staff who work on the ICU. We also rely on many visiting staff,  including physiotherapists, dieticians, radiographers and visiting medical staff.  The day to day running of the ICU and patient care is coordinated by a team of 14 highly trained ICU Consultants, many of whom have responsibilities for medical education and for intensive care management and research at a regional and national level.


The Clinical Director on the unit is Dr. Gareth Thomas and the Matron is Sister Pat Butterworth. 


Staff are focused on providing the highest level of care for their patients, and although the work can be very stressful, there is a good team spirit. The large number of staff and the fact we are continually opening new beds means we regularly recruit new nursing staff, medical staff, support workers and clerical staff.  For information about job opportunities contact Jill Jackson or see the Working for Us section.