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Saturday 27 November 2021
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Meet the IFU team

For Patients

The Unit was recognised and presented an award (March 2011) by the British Journal of Nursing for the delivery of extremely high standards during the administration of Intravenous Therapy.


The service continues to receive compliments and accolades from patients, relatives and healthcare professionals and continues to attract visits and clinical attachments from teams from the UK and abroad, including a dietician from Hong Kong who commenced a clinical attachment with us in July 2011.


This section provides information for patients and their relatives / carers.  For clinical information please see our Professions section or view our Further Information area for information which isn't contained here.


We hope that you will find the pages useful and helpful.


  • Ward H8, reception area, Hope Building Information about the Intestinal Failure Unit, Ward H8Information on your stay on ward H8
  • Myth vs Fact, staying active in hospital Move for your healthA short film created to enhance your recovery whilst in hospital. This film was developed with the help of Salford Royal Intestinal Failure (IF) patients to explore common myths around staying active in hospital
  • video camera filming Patient filmsWatch our patient films and short stories
  • A blond man with diabetes sitting on a leather sofa. Wearing a blue T-Shirt, smiling. Tattoo on upper arm. Diabetic. A patient who self-medicates. Patient StoriesRead our patient stories and testimonials
  • Woman in a kitchen sitting at the table eating a cooked meal. Pasta with salad and fresh vegetables. Recipe PlannerHere you can find out how to prepare healthy meals, drinks and snacks.
  • female GP with female patient, sitting in clinic Referrals to the teaminformation on how to be referred to the team
  • man, feeling poorly, holding head in hands What is intestinal failure?Intestine failure exists when there is insufficient functioning intestine to allow healthy life without artificial feeding.
  • two women packing/unpacking suitcase Your stayinformation for patients during their stay at the ward
  • Introduction to IFU Your stay - introduction to staying in our unitAre you going to be staying in our unit? If so, you probably have lots of questions which need answering like, where is the unit, who will I meet there etc... please watch this video which introduces you to our unit and hopefully answers those questions you may have
  • Ward H8 entrance, view from atrium Your stay - welcome pack informationOur aim is to ensure that your stay with us will be as comfortable and stress free as we can possibly make it, as your length of stay may vary according to your particular health needs. We also aim to provide a warm atmosphere on the unit; and all of our staff are friendly and highly attuned to our patients needs therefore helping to ensure your stay with us is positive, safe and productive.