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Saturday 27 November 2021
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The Nephrology department is the inpatient centre for the West Sector of Greater Manchester and provides the following specialist renal centre functions:

  • Management, communication and co-ordination of the Renal Managed Clinical Networks

  • Training and tuition for both Centre and Linked DGH staff

  • Inpatient Nephrology

  • Renal High Dependency for the treatment of acute renal failure

  • Maintenance Haemodialysis

  • Local haemodialysis provided for the local population

  • Haemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis training

  • Peritoneal and vascular access surgery

  • Renal failure surgery Parathyroidectomy

  • Specialist Outpatients

  • Pre- and post-transplant management (post after three months)


The Renal department at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust comprises:

  • Two renal wards – currently 37 beds

  • Three-bedded renal high dependency care unit adjacent to the renal wards

  • Maintenance haemodialysis unit of 29 stations  

  • Home haemodialysis training unit and self-care unit of 2 stations


The support services for investigation and management of renal disease include full radiological facility (ultrasound, CT, MR scanning, isotope imaging and interventional radiology) and renal pathology.   A close working relationship exists with the urological services.  Vascular access is provided by the renal transplant team from Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals Trust. 


Satellite Units

Haemodialysis Units

  • 18 station unit at Frog Lane Wigan

  • 16 station unit at Rochdale Infirmary

  • 18 station unit on the Royal Bolton


Outpatient Outreach Clinics

  • Royal Bolton Hospital

  • Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

  • Leigh General Hospital

  • Royal Oldham

  • Fairfield Hospital

  • Rochdale Infirmary