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Saturday 27 November 2021
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The Neuro oncology team aims to provide a timely and up-to date service to all the individuals that suffer from brain and spinal tumours. We aspire to tailor each consultation and management plan to the individual needs of our patients while at the same time adhering to NICE guidelines and best available evidence.


We now have an established weekly Neuro Oncology Multidisciplinary meeting where all the patients with a presumed diagnosis of a tumour are discussed and a management plan is formulated. The team consists of Neurosurgeons, Neuro oncologists, Neuroradiologists, Neuropathologists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, Neurologist, palliative care specialists and two MDT coordinators.


We have strong links with the Christie Hospital as well as imaging and research facilities that allow early and safe diagnosis and streamlining of care pathways.


Salford Royal Neuro oncology team is a busy service with large combined experience and more than 1000 new referrals per year. We are also providing cutting edge treatments for certain conditions: we have an established awake craniotomy service with motor and language mapping (for patients with tumours in eloquent areas of the brain) in conjunction with experienced neuroanesthetists and the neuropsychology team.


We are now developing a new service for stereotactic radiosurgery, a non-invasive procedure which delivers very precise radiation therapy and used primarily for tumours and other abnormalities of the brain. Soon we will also be able to perform fluoresceine-guided surgery for maximal resection of high grade tumours.


There are five dedicated Neuro oncology Surgeons, however the rest of the neurosurgeons may also carry a number of procedures, as appropriate.


The service is complimented by two MDT coordinators, two specialist nurses (Saran Benson and Alison Hope) and a Data manager (Sharmila Gupta).


Salford Royal are also due to participate in a joint venture with the Christie Hospital to deliver regional radiotherapy services locally to the Salford Population, as well as other patients within the region, from the summer of 2011.  This will also allow the development of a Stereotactic Radio-Surgery service in Salford.