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Wednesday 21 October 2020
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Orthoptics Service

The Orthoptic department provides a service for a wide range of ages in the Salford.
Orthoptists assess, investigate and treat squints, amblyopia (lazy eye) and double vision.
We specialise in providing the ‘gold standard’ for assessing children’s eyes and conditions relating to muscle imbalance.

In Salford, we are proud to provide a vision screening programme for all children in the area aged 4-5 years old.  The assessment is carried out in school or at the local health centre if your child is home schooled.  The result is sent to parents in the post.

Orthoptists mainly work within the community in local gateways and health centres providing services for children and adults. Additionally, we run a clinic for children with complex needs at Springwood Primary School.  We also work in  adult services settings such as stroke and neurology.


Referral in to the orthoptic service is through your GP, optometrist, health visitor and other health and social care professionals.




For Patients

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For Professionals

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