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Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Further Information

This section provides further information which isn't covered in the Patients and Professionals sections.


We hope that you will find the pages useful and helpful.


  • Salford Royal Unveils New Facilities for Renal Patients About the ServiceRenal services at Salford Royal are based in the Hope Building. The department supports pre-dialysis, dialysis and transplant patients and provides inpatient and outpatient services together with in-centre haemodialysis.
  • Manchester map Contact UsOur address, directions on how to find us and how to provide feedback
  • A woman sitting in the waiting room reading a printed leaflet. Patient information and literature. NHS Service leaflet. Live kidney donorLive kidney donor information
  • SRFT Leaflets Patient LeafletsWithin this section you will find information a comprehensive list of authorised patient leaflets which relate to our Department. Please refer to this section regularly.
  • Meet the team Renal Lead ClinicansMeet the Renal lead clinicans
  • Review / Search Renal Medical DictionaryMedical glossary of terms and treatment information which relate directly to Renal Services
  • woman at home using laptop to search Resources for patientsThere is a wealth of information available on every aspect of kidney care. These pages aim to provide web links, useful reading and a glossary about kidney disease, its causes and treatments.
  • Hope Building, Salford Royal Useful contactsDetails on how to contact us at our various services, including telephone numbers and addresses