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Monday 27 September 2021
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Hope Kidney Patients Association (HKPA)

Hope KPA Registered Charity No 1010321

Registered charity no 1010321

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Who are we?

Hope Kidney Patient Association (HKPA) is a Registered Charity run by kidney patients for kidney patients, their carers, relatives, friends and other interested parties.  Funding is entirely via collections, lotteries, donations and fundraising events. 


Money received enables production of a periodic newsletter keeping members and readers informed of hospital renal activities as well as social events and news.  It also enables the Association to support research activity as well as maintaining a Renal Social Fund to help patients suffering short term financial hardship (via the hospital based social services department).  Help with holidays for renal patients is also available.
Only someone who has experienced kidney disease can understand the problems and anxieties associated with the illness.  It is often easier for a patient and his or her family to talk to another patient about their difficulties.  A patients' association can provide additional support to complement the NHS provision.
HKPA represents the interests of kidney patients who are treated within the West Sector of the Greater Manchester Kidney Care Network (Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Trafford, Wigan & district).  Membership is free and open to patients, carers and anyone with a direct interest in the subject of renal disease.
The KPA also represents patients' interests at meetings with medical and managerial staff at the hospital and can offer help and advice on matters of concern to the patient and/or their carer.  It can provide information on any problems associated with kidney disease and information on the nature of the disease itself.

Email info@gmkin.org.uk