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Saturday 24 October 2020
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For Professionals

This section provides clinical information for GPs and other healthcare professionals.  For information for patients and their relatives / carers please see our Patients section or view our Further Information area for information which isn't contained here.


We hope that you will find the pages useful and helpful.


  • Clinic appointment Referral informationInformation on how to get referred and what happens after you have been referred.
  • pill bottles and tablets stored on shelves Weight Loss Medicationfind out more about which medications we recommend, such as Orlistat which is a medicine used to treat obesity in conjunction with a low calorie, low fat diet. It works in your digestive system by attaching to enzymes (called lipases) by stopping them from breaking down some of the fat you have eaten during your meal.
  • Weight Loss SurgeryThere is a pre-defined set of criteria which is used to determine a patient's suitability for surgery. These guidelines have been devised by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) and are frequently referred to.