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Saturday 24 October 2020
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For Patients

This section provides information for patients and their relatives / carers.  For clinical information please see our Professions section or view our Further Information area for information which isn't contained here.


We hope that you will find the pages useful and helpful.


  • patient in clinic, having a consultation with their clinician About the ServiceSalford Weight Management Service provides expert medical and surgical advice for people who been unable to achieve weight loss by other means.
  • male patient being seein in clinic, having blood pressure taken Coming to clinicInformation on what will happen at your appointment, links to directions on where the clinic is held, how often you will be seen and by whom. Read more...
  • Dorothy Jones' Storyread Dorothy's story on her weight management journey
  • Dr with patient Follow-upAfter having your operation it is essential that you are seen for regular follow up appointments at Salford Royal - find out more about the follow-up process.
  • surgery pic Obesity Surgery has its risks.....Before surgery, you will receive a full pre-operative assessment by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals. It is very important that you weigh up the pros and cons before considering surgery - read more...
  • Clinic appointment Referral informationInformation on how to get referred and what happens after you have been referred.
  • An obese black woman holding a glass of fruit juice The ins and outs of weight and weight lossThe mechanism behind weight gain is simple, but the reasons why we consume calories in excess to what our body needs are a lot more complex. Read more...
  • female patient exercising with a dumbell Treatment optionsThere are a lot of different ways to induce weight loss and there is no 'one size fits all' approach. One way may work for one person but would not be suitable for another. The most effective way for weight reduction is restriction of calories intake alongside an increase of physical activity and changing your behaviour around food.
  • pill bottles and tablets stored on shelves Weight Loss Medicationfind out more about which medications we recommend, such as Orlistat which is a medicine used to treat obesity in conjunction with a low calorie, low fat diet. It works in your digestive system by attaching to enzymes (called lipases) by stopping them from breaking down some of the fat you have eaten during your meal.
  • Weight Loss SurgeryThere is a pre-defined set of criteria which is used to determine a patient's suitability for surgery. These guidelines have been devised by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) and are frequently referred to.
  • what we offer What do we have to offer?Find out more about treatment plans and services provided - initially, your first consultation will be with the medical professionals to assess how your weight is affecting your health.
  • Surgery, getting for surgery/theatre Which operation is best for you?Your surgeon will help guide you through this decision. Generally, the choice of operation is dependant upon how much weight you need to lose.