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Monday 13 July 2020
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Requests and Responses

This page holds published Freedom of Information responses for both Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Hospitals.  

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FOI RefDate RequestedDate RepliedCategorySub-category
FOI999928/01/202026/02/2020Information Management & TechnologyFirewall, Antivirus and Enterprise
FOI999828/01/202012/02/2020ContractsFirst Aid and Mental Health Training
FOI999728/02/202025/02/2020PharmacyUnlicensed Medicines and Unlicensed Specials
FOI999527/01/202027/02/2020PharmacyBiologics and biosimilar prescribing in Dermatology
FOI999427/01/202018/02/2020Information Management & TechnologyData Warehousing
FOI999327/01/202004/02/2020TransportPatient Transport Services
FOI999228/01/202024/02/2020PharmacyCancer Treatments
FOI998923/01/202030/01/2020Staff dataLead Medical Examiner
FOI998823/01/202030/01/2020CorporateFriends and Family Test
FOI998622/01/202005/02/2020Information Management & TechnologyUse of Windows 7 Operating System
Date Requested15/02/2018
Date Replied22/03/2018
CategoryClinical Services
Request & Response
1) The number of under 16's who were admitted to hospital for the following: 
- E40 , E41 , E42 , E43 , E44 , E45 to E46: Malnutrition 
- T73.0: Effects of other deprivation - effects of hunger 
- E54 : Ascorbic acid deficiency (inc. scurvy) 
- E55 : Rickets, active 
- E50 : Vitamin A deficiency 
- A15, A16, A17, A18, A19: Tuberculosis 
In a) 2010 and b) 2017. I would ask that you include the any patients within these figures who may have other ailments alongside these that could have contributed to admission. 
2) For a) 2010 and b) 2017 can you tell me how many were A & E admissions for the symptoms above (even in part) and how many were routine or non A&E admissions? 
In line with the Office of National Statistics, where statistical numbers are less than 10; consideration to the identification of any such cohort needs to be considered.  In this occasion the Trust feels it appropriate to apply exemption 40 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act and is unable to supply a breakdown response to your enquiry.
Attached Document

We hope applicants find these details helpful. However if you are unhappy with the response provided please let us know giving your reasons for believing we have not satisfied the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. The matter will then be considered by the Freedom of Information officer who will respond in writing. This correspondence will include details of the Information Commissioner who you can contact if you remain dissatisfied with our response:

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