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Saturday 27 November 2021
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Requests and Responses

This page holds published Freedom of Information responses for both Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Hospitals.  

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FOI RefDate RequestedDate RepliedCategorySub-category
FOI1063626/11/202007/12/2020Clinical ServicesMental Health Care Plans
Date Requested01/12/2020
Date Replied07/12/2020
CategoryInformation Management & Technology
Risk Management Systems
Request & Response
Can you advise the following about your use of Risk Management systems in your trust? 
1. Do you use the Datix Risk Management System in your trust? 
2. If not, which Risk Management system do you use? 
3. How much is your annual license fee for Datix / Other Risk Management system annually? 
4. What Modules does your license fee include? 
Please see attached for a response to this request.
Attached Document
NCA FOI Response Report - FOI10646 Final.pdf
Title NCA FOI Response Report - FOI10646 Final.pdf
Size 223KB
Type .pdf

We hope applicants find these details helpful. However if you are unhappy with the response provided please let us know giving your reasons for believing we have not satisfied the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. The matter will then be considered by the Freedom of Information officer who will respond in writing. This correspondence will include details of the Information Commissioner who you can contact if you remain dissatisfied with our response:

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