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Monday 27 September 2021
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Salford Royal's renal team
Some of Salford Royal's renal team

Meet the Team

Salford Royal employs over 7,000 staff to provide acute, community and primary care services to the people of Salford and beyond.

The Trust is managed by the Salford Directors, who take care of the day to day running of the Trust.  Group Committees in Common is made up of Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors.  Non-Executive Directors and provide support and challenge.

Chairs of Divisions and Divisional Managing Directors work with their Teams to develop their services ensuring we deliver safe, clean and personal care for our patients.

Divisional Directors of Nursing work with the Clinical DirectorsMatrons and Lead Nurses to manage and develop specific areas of the health care we provide. 

Meet team, SRFT leadership

Care Organisations are responsible for delivering safe, clean and personal care to the communities they serve.

Meet team, Group centre

Group Centre is responsible for ensuring safer, more reliable standards of care are replicated across all Care Organisations.

Meet team, Committees in common

Committees in common will have clear accountability and authority to govern the Care Organisations.