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Monday 20 September 2021
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Care Organisations

Each Care Organisation now consists of a Medical Director, a Director of Nursing, Managing Director, and a Finance Director.

Together they will manage and be responsible for the day to day running of the hospitals and community services of a Care Organisation. One of the four members of each leadership team will be appointed as the Chief Officer.

The Care Organisations will increasingly take full control of all matters relating to their sites and community services. They are responsible for delivering safe, clean and personal care to the communities they serve. 

This new site-based operational management model will help strengthen and improve senior leadership support at hospital-level, strengthen engagement with staff and clinical teams, and take operational decisions for each site and services. The leadership teams will also be able to focus on strengthening relationships and joint working across health and social care with local care partners including Local Authorities, local commissioners, and the local community and voluntary sector in Oldham, Bury, Rochdale, North Manchester and Salford.

The four Care Organisations are; 

  1. Bury/Rochdale
  2. Oldham
  3. Salford  and 
  4. North Manchester.


Care Organisation map
It is planned in 2018/19 that North Manchester General Hospital will join the new city-wide hospital Trust for Manchester following the merger of CMFT and UHSM to create a Single Hospital Service (SHS), and North Manchester Community Services will join the Local Care Organisation (LCO) for the City of Manchester as part of the city’s locality plan, Healthier Manchester.