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Monday 13 July 2020
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David Dalton

Dalton Review

Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive of Salford Royal, was appointed to lead a review into how to secure the clinical and financial sustainability of providers of NHS care through offering new options for organisational forms.



All providers of NHS services are facing challenges, some more so than others.


This Review aims to offer all providers of NHS care a new set of organisational options to help overcome these challenges.


This will benefit all providers of NHS Care: from the highest performing organisations with the capacity and capability to deliver more for patients, through to the most chronically challenged that are not sustainable in their current form, as well as those in between.


What did the review aim to do?

The Secretary of State appointed Sir David Dalton to undertake a review into securing the clinical and financial sustainability of providers of NHS care through offering new options for organisational forms.


You can read Sir David’s appointment letter from the Secretary of State which sets out the terms of the review here.


The review considered the potential for providers of NHS services to develop different organisational forms, and recommend how to incentivise the providers to work in new ways to provide better care, more efficiently, and help support struggling providers.


There is no intention to force change from the centre. The review looked at identifying the incentives, barriers, and environments for change which will enable transformation to be led by providers of NHS services.


This review fully involved acute, mental health and community service providers, both inside and outside the NHS, in the development of options.


The review does not develop a blueprint of the future provider landscape or direct providers towards the adoption of a particular model regardless of local circumstances. 


Although the scope of the review will focus on the acute sector, the outcomes are expected to be applicable to all sectors.


Why Sir David Dalton?

Sir David is uniquely well placed to lead this review.  He has been Chief Executive of the high performing Salford Royal for 13 years and is buddying Buckinghamshire NHS Trust while it is in special measures.


Dalton Review Expert Advisory Panel

  • Sir Andrew Cash, CEO, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Dame Julie Moore, CEO, University Hospitals BirminghamNHS Foundation Trust

  • Jim Mackey, CEO, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

  • Anna Dugdale, CEO, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust

  • Mark Newbold, CEO, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

  • Jim Easton, Managing Director, Care UK Health Care Division

  • Stephen Melton, CEO, Circle

  • Chris Hopson, CEO, Foundation Trust Network

  • David Flory, CEO, TDA

  • David Bennett, CEO, Monitor

  • David Behan, CEO, CQC

  • Stephen Dalton, Chief Executive, Mental Health network

  • Rob Webster, CEO, NHS Confed



Following its first meeting, the Panel has decided to ensure that the views and perspectives of the community and mental health sector are properly taken account of throughout the Review. Additional Panel members from these communities are currently being sought.


Meetings of the Expert Panel

Summary notes of the Expert Panel will be hosted below.


Summary notes

application/pdf2014-09 - Expert Panel Meeting (187KB)Download
 Notes of meeting held 23 September 2014
application/pdf2014-08 - Expert Panel Meeting (190KB)Download
 Notes of meeting held Tuesday 21 August 2014
application/pdf2014-07 - Expert panel - fourth meeting (192KB)Download
 Notes of meeting held Tuesday 1 July 2014
application/pdf2014-06 - Expert panel - third meeting (187KB)Download
 Notes of meeting held Tuesday 10 June 2014
application/pdf2014-05 - Expert Panel - Second Meeting (190KB)Download
 Notes of meeting held Wednesday 14 May 2014
application/pdf2014-04 - Review of New Models of Hospital Provision (186KB)Download
 Notes of meeting held Tuesday 22 April 2014

Dalton Review Launched

The findings of the Review launched on December 5, 2014.


The Review identifies five key themes:

  • One size does not fit all
  • Quicker transformational and transactional change is required
  • Ambitious organisations with a proven track record should be encouraged to expand their reach and have greater impact
  • Overall sustainability for the provider sector is a priority
  • A dedicated implementation programme is needed to make change happen


There are full details of the Review, including the full recommendations report and correspondence, can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dalton-review-options-for-providers-of-nhs-care


The Written Ministerial Statement on the Dalton Review, which was received by the House of Commons, can be found at http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/hansard/commons/todays-written-statements/