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Monday 27 September 2021
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For Everyone

This section aim is to provide information to everyone on our services and other general information.

  • woman drinking coffee, sat at table looking at her mobile phone An app a day...Looking for apps to help you and your patients stay happy and healthy? Then click on this page to find the best and safest ones
  • happy woman, smiling General InformationThis section aims to give general information to visitors to this site. The links on this page will take you to more information.
  • snapshot of the our mobile app Mobile appWe're pleased to announce the launch of our integrated hospital app which is your personal guide to Salford Royal.
  • patient in clinic, having a consultation with their clinician Our Services (A-Z)Salford Royal is highly regarded by its patients, other NHS Trusts and a number of independent organisations. The Trust has many nationally and internationally renowned services and clinicians, pioneering the latest techniques and treatments and providing safe, clean and personal care every time.
  • Patient in bed, research staff ResearchClinicians and researchers who are eminent in their fields are involved in investigating conditions and illnesses to develop new and improved methods of care. The Trust is also the base for two of the North West's Local Research Networks, stroke and diabetes, with staff based at the hospital taking the lead on developing regional research into the illnesses and increasing patient participation in stroke and diabetes research.