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Wednesday 27 October 2021
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For Patients


What’s inside?


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An app a day...

Looking for apps to help you and your patients stay happy and healthy?  

Then look at this page to find the best and safest ones [link redirects to an external site].

snapshot of the our mobile app

Download our mobile app

We're pleased to announce the launch of our integrated hospital app which is your personal guide to Salford Royal. 

This free, easy-to-use app features information to help you find the location of all departments and wards, including our Emergency Department (A&E).

Download instructions and full features are available here.

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Inpatient Information

This section provides information for inpatients and answers questions such as:

  • What happens before I am admitted?
  • When can people visit me?
  • What and when will I eat?
  • What happens when I leave hospital?
Outpatients reception

Outpatient Information

This section provides information for outpatients and answers questions such as:

SRFT Leaflets

Patient information leaflets

How often have you seen a leaflet during your hospital visit and wished that you had picked up a copy when you got home? Now you can download and print off our leaflets anytime.  Our information database is searchable and each leaflet is available to download and print.


Please note that information leaflets are provided for guidance only and not intended to replace professional clinical advice.

PALS Leaflet

Feedback, complaints, comments and concerns


We are very keen to receive feedback from our service users and want to know if you feel we could have done something better or differently. Equally we also welcome feedback when you think we’ve done something well.

You can contact the Patient, Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0161 206 2003 or email pals@srft.nhs.uk.


Quality of Care

We are committed to providing safe, clean and personal care for patients and to responding to what patients tell us.


Read more on the Dr Foster review, our MRSA targets, what the NHSLA has to say about us and what range of services are available to patients.


access to health records

What we do with your information

We collect information about you in order to make sure that you receive the best possible care, this information may be on paper or stored electronically.

This section provides information on how we store and protect information about you and also how you can obtain copies of information we hold about you.
patient in clinic, having a consultation with their clinician

Eligibility and selection

Appointments to Salford Royal are made via GPs or through a consultant at another hospital. 

If you are a patient and you are interested in any of our services, please discuss with your GP.

Further information

Adult care and support directory

Adult care and support directory

Search for support groups, activities, things to do and health and social care services, to help you stay well, stay happy and to manage long-term conditions.