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Monday 26 July 2021
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A nurse in blue uniform and an apron, holding a meal tray. Lifting the lid on a patient meal, with juice, yoghurt and a main meal with vegetables.

Allergen Information - For inpatients

Are you coming into hospital as an inpatient?  

Please check this section if you want to know whether the food you're being served contains a particular ingredient you are allergic to.


How to use this section

Select the type of meal via the category selector, or type in the name of the meal or allergen and click on the Select button - any matching results will be displayed below the search box.  Click onto the heading under the dish column of the item you want to view to see the named allergens.


To download a copy of our menus in a PDF format to bring with you click on the menu link next to the dish or view the full library section below.


DishDownloadLast updated
Tomato SoupKosher Menu09/12/2014
Tomato SoupSoup, Juice Menu08/12/2014
TrifleDessert Menu08/12/2014
Tuna & cheese pasta bakeMains Menu08/12/2014
Tuna & tomato pasta bakeMains Menu08/12/2014
Tuna mayo (white & brown) *Lunch, Sandwiches Menu08/12/2014
Tuna mayonnaiseBarms Menu08/12/2014
Tuna Mayonnaise SaladSalad09/02/2015
Tuna SaladSalad09/02/2015
TurkeyKosher Menu09/12/2014
Turkey & stuffing (brown) *Lunch, Sandwiches Menu08/12/2014
Turkey (white) *Lunch, Sandwiches Menu08/12/2014
Turkey dinosaursPanda Unit Menu08/12/2014
Turkey Salad 09/02/2015
Veg LasagneKosher Menu09/12/2014
Vegetable Barley BakeDownload28/07/2015
Vegetable Bean BakeDownload28/07/2015
Vegetable bean bakeMains Menu08/12/2014
Vegetable chilliMains Menu08/12/2014
Vegetable chilliThick Puree C Meals Menu08/12/2014

  • * indicates allergens at site of manufacture

  • E150d = sulphite ammonia caramel

  • E223 = sodium metabisulphite

  • E224 = potassium matabisulphite

  • SO2 = sulpher dioxide


  • Meals manufactured during the Jewish Passover Festival contain different ingredients – for example the vegetable oil is substituted with a nut based oil, therefore the meals are not always suitable for patients with nut allergy.  Pack labels clearly state the ingredients and should always be checked


Menu Library

The above dishes/menus are available as a PDF format - to download, please click on download next to the document and save to your computer.