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Wednesday 27 October 2021
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access to health records

Access to health records

health records information access General Data Protection Regulations and supporting Data Protection Act 2018 subject access request

The General Data Protection Regulations and supporting Data Protection Act 2018 gives you the right (with some exceptions) to access the information we hold about you - including information held in Health Records or other systems

During the COVID 19 outbreak, provision of medical records is not considered an essential service.  Where possible this team are now working remotely or supporting front line care, as a consequence you are asked to make any requests through INFOSEC@SRFT.nhs.uk

Whilst a skeleton service is being provided, unfortunately this will mean delays in responding to your enquiries; we ask you to bear with us at this time.

Your request can be made in writing or verbal, any staff member can assist during your visit or contact the Information Access Team to support you directly. 


There are some details we need from you to process the request including your full name, address, date of birth and NHS Number (if known) along with details of who you want the records sending to.  We will not disclose information to family or friends about medical matters, unless you specifically ask us to.


If you want to receive copies of clinical letters sent to your GP, you can request a copy during your appointment.  This does not affect your rights to later obtain copies.


If you consider that any part of the information held in your record is inaccurate, you can apply to have this corrected.  If we agree that the information is incorrect, the alteration will be made. 


If you wish to obtain a copy of your health records, please contact us via:


To support you through this process, we have prepared application forms, to ensure we receive full details we require to find and release your information:


There is no fee to receive your health records

Points to remember when completing an application: 


  • Complete the correct application form (authorising release of notes), providing as much information as possible
  • Provide evidence to support the claim to have access to the records
    • eg parental evidence if requesting child records
    • for Deceased records, providing evidence of your legal rights for Access to a Deceased person’s records
  • Sign the form, authorising the search for the requested records
  • Provide Proof of identity (of the Patient/Service User), (copy of passport or photograph driving license) and proof of address (such as utility bill)
    • NB, where you are requesting notes on behalf of another person additional ID checks are needed, proof of your legitimate rights to act on their behalf must also be sent through
  • For further details please see the Trust's Subject Access Policy

  • If you wish to request your health records for Fairfield General , Royal Oldham, Rochdale Infirmary or North Manchester General, please email HealthRecords.Access@pat.nhs.uk

For information held by your own GP, please contact the Practice Manager directly.