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Friday 26 February 2021
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Whilst you are at the hospital

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When you arrive at the ward, you will be met by a nurse or ward clerk who will give you a bracelet with your name, NHS number and ward details on.  Some patients may also be given a colour-coded bracelet that highlights things such as allergies to the nursing and medical staff.  You must wear these bracelets at all times whilst you are in the hospital as they allow us to check that we are providing the right medicines and treatments.


If ever you want to leave the ward for a short period, please tell your nurse.  This is so that if there is any kind of emergency, we know where you are.


During admission you should inform us of:

  • tablets or medicine you have been taking at home (see below)
  • allergies you might have
  • any special communication or physical needs you may have
  • dietary needs including any religious, cultural or special requirements
  • help you might need to deal with benefits, pensions or allowances
  • valuables you need to be kept safe
  • outpatient appointments you might miss whilst you are in hospital
  • your employers details to send an inpatient certificate (if necessary).



Keep safe whilst in hospital

Salford Royal has helped to develop a Patient Safety Briefing to make your stay with us safe. By following eight simple steps, you can help keep yourself safe during your stay in hospital.


When you arrive on the ward, show your nurse or doctor any medicines or tablets you have been taking.  This will help us decide what treatment is best for you and help make sure you get the medication you need.   We will not take your medicine away without your permission.


If you can’t bring your medicine or tablets with you, please bring a list (or a copy of your repeat prescription) of what tablets or medicines you take and when you usually take them. 


When you leave hospital, you can take your medicine with you – but only if the doctor says you still need it.



Your personal information

When you come to hospital, we ask you for information to help with your care. We keep this information on file, in case you need to be treated again in the future.  The information remains confidential.



Nursing staff

At the entrance to the ward there is be a ‘safe, clean and personal’ notice board containing staff photographs informing you of the staff that work on the ward.


During admission we let you know the name of the nurse who is in charge of your care. Other nurses will also help you during your stay.


At the start of every shift, the nurse who will be looking after you will come and introduce themself - so you know who to call if you have any questions or problems.


Every ward has a Ward Manager or Ward Matron who is responsible for managing the ward.  You can ask to see them if you need information or have any concerns. 

For more information on the different staff including an explanation of the different colours of uniforms, please clickhere.



Healthcare students

Salford Royal is a teaching hospital, which means we train healthcare professionals for the future.   Students gain valuable practical experience by being involved in the treatment and care of our patients.   Please tell your nurse if you do not want students to be involved in your care. Your care will not be affected in any way by your decision.



Your treatment

Before your treatment starts, your doctor or consultant may come to check how you are and to discuss your treatment in more detail.  This will give you the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns you may have.  If you are having an operation you will be asked to sign a consent form to confirm you have understood the details given to you by the doctor and that you are happy to go ahead with the procedure (this may also apply to some other procedures).


If you have attended a pre-op appointment your procedure will have been explained to you and your consent form signed. Staff on the ward will go through everything with you again to ensure you are happy to go ahead.


intentional rounding

Intentional Rounding

As one of our patients, we have a commitment to:

  • Keep you free from harm
  • Provide you with a clean environment
  • Treat you as an individual
  • Show you respect
  • Include you in all changes in your treatment and listen to your concerns
  • Maintain your dignity at all times.


To support our commitment to you, you will be visited by a member of the nursing team:

  • Every hour between 08:00 and 22:00
  • Every two hours between 22:00 and 08:00


If you are sleeping you will not be disturbed, unless your treatment and care require this.  We call this process ‘Intentional Rounding’.


During this time we will:

  • Check you and your well being
  • Check whether you are in pain
  • Help you move your position if required
  • Check whether you need help to go for a walk or to the toilet
  • Ensure you have access to your bed table, drinks, nurse call-bell etc.


We hope that by checking on your well-being regularly in this way we will ensure your stay with us is as safe and comfortable as possible.


If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please speak with a member of the nursing team.


HELP project


Helping to Empower Loved Ones and Patients

Salford Royal is already one of the safest hospitals in the UK and we have an ambition to become the safest.  All our staff strive to make sure that every patient receives safe, clean and personal care, ever time.


If at any time you think your care is not safe, clean or personal, you should:

HELP - ward staff

Alert the nursing team, so that they can quickly review and resolve your concerns.

HELP - pals

If you still have concerns, contact the PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) on 0161 206 2033.

HELP - helpline

If after this, you still have serious concerns about your safety, or think someone else might suffer harm unless urgent action is taken, please contact our dedicated HELP-line and a senior clinician will review your concerns within the hour.  The telephone number is displayed by each bedside.