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Friday 26 February 2021
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Quality of Care

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We are committed to providing safe, clean and personal care for patients and to responding to what patients tell us.


We recently performed well in the Dr Foster Good Hospital Guide. Compared with the 10 closest hospitals in the region, the guide put Salford Royal as:


  • the only Trust to have scored excellent for the quality of its services. This means staff place great emphasis on providing safe, clean and personal care

  • having the third best mortality rate meaning patients are less likely to die at the hospital

  • one of only a few Trusts to receive the highest score for having in place effective barriers to prevent prescribing administration errors relating to allergies.


 We have also seen a significant reduction in its MRSA figures and the Guide says we have met a range of other targets including:


  • inpatient waiting times

  • providing a choice of food for patients which is prepared safely

  • ensuring food and help with eating is available 24 hours a day

  • treating patients with dignity and respect

  • having surroundings which are well designed, maintained and cleaned

  • taking the views of patients and others into account.


We recently became the second Trust in England to receive the highest accreditation for patient safety from the NHSLA (an independent organisation which assesses all NHS Trusts).


The NHSLA is about:

  • making sure we recruit staff who have the right skills and the correct clinical knowledge and expertise

  • actively monitoring equipment to make sure it is in good working order

  • improving security around the site – we have seen a 70-80% drop in crime in the past five years as a result of employing more security staff, buying new CCTV equipment and improving security at car parks

  • reducing infection through a range of measures like greater promotion of hand washing

  • making sure patients have a positive experience when they come into the hospital. For example, we have just invested in 480 new beds at a cost of £500,000. More than half are electric which improves patients’ independence

  • looking at our services and changing how some of them work. For example, patients accessing our neuroscience services have seen waiting times cut from 48 weeks to 18.