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Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Age UK Volunteering Roles


What's Age UK Salford?

Age UK Salford is an independent local charity established over 40 years and exists to improve later life for  older people and their carers in Salford, through the provision of high quality direct services and support.


Volunteers within Age UK Salford make a huge contribution to each of the services we provide. They dedicate their time and effort, using existing skills or learning new ones, to greatly benefit older people in the Salford area.


The Hospital Discharge, Aftercare and Reablement service provides support to Salford people aged 55 +, on discharge from hospital up to a maximum period of 6 weeks to aid recovery and enable the person to retain independence within the community. (The service currently works in the Emergency village and across the Elderly Care Wards.)


The service offers a variety of volunteer opportunities including telephone support , pop in visits and escorting.


Training and support for the roles above are provided by Age UK Salford, and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. 


If you are interested in the role mentioned above (role description is below) and would like to know more then you can email jbc@ageuksalford.org.uk or phone 0161 206 9888.


For other Age UK Salford volunteering opportunities and for more information about the work of Age UK Salford, please use the link: http://www.ageuksalford.org.uk/


Telephone 0161 788 7300.