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Saturday 27 November 2021
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Patient Centred Healthcare

Patient Centred Healthcare

‘Easier said than done?’ Patient centred healthcare systems and learning from the forum with Abigail Warren, a health improver at Haelo.


At the recent International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in London, Abigail Warren, a health improver at Haelo, a new organisation working in the NHS to improve health communities through action, measurement and evaluation, set out on a mission to challenge global healthcare leaders about the reality of achieving patient centred healthcare. 


“Patients only see healthcare. They don’t see the organisational boundaries that we, as healthcare workers, see and experience in our everyday working.


It is widely agreed that patient focussed healthcare is the right thing to do, with services designed around patients. However, in reality, how easy is this to achieve when our systems are designed and commissioned around individual organisations?


My short film challenges healthcare improvement leaders from across the world with the following 4 questions:  

  1. Why is focusing on patients the right thing to do?

  2. In practice, how can we achieve a patient-centred healthcare system?

  3. How can we have patient focused measurement across the healthcare system?

  4. Is there a place for incentives?


Watch the film to see what the likes of Don Berwick, Fiona Godley, Helen Bevan, Gary Kaplan, Julian Hartley, Jason Leitch, Maxine Power and many more think of these questions. I’m really interested to hear what you think the answers might be, so have your say below.”