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Monday 27 September 2021
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Dementia pods
Patient Betty Godwin with Janice McGrory, Lead Nurse for Dementia and Delirium at Salford Royal, in one of the RemPods

Dementia pods helping to improve patient care at Salford Royal

Salford Royal is using revolutionary pop-up Reminiscence Pods to help improve the care of patients living with dementia.


The Reminiscence Pods (RemPods) are replicas of various settings including a 1950s lounge, a pub and a shop and can be used in various departments around the hospital and in ward areas.


They include a fold-down backdrop along with furniture and paraphernalia from yesteryear such as ration books, magazines, newspapers and board games.


The pods create a therapeutic and calming environment for patients with dementia and help relatives stimulate conversation around parts of the memory their loved ones retain.


Patients who have been admitted can spend time relaxing in one of the six RemPods and staff have reported improvements in dementia patients’ moods since the pods have been in use.


On one ward, staff discovered that a female patient who hadn’t been eating very well since arriving at hospital was happier having her meals while sitting inside the RemPod.


Janice McGrory, Lead Nurse for Dementia and Delirium, said: “The pods are so versatile as they simply pop up or down where ever and whenever they are needed.


“They help to relieve boredom and work as a meaningful fun activity, helping to build better care bonds between staff and their patients.


“The pods provide the opportunity for family to be involved in social interaction and this in turn can help improve communication following discharge as family and friends often discover hobbies and interests they may not have known their friend or relative had.”


A new patient and carer group has been set up at Salford Royal to work with the Trust’s Dementia Specialist Nurses on ideas including the RemPods, a specially designed garden with scented plants, live entertainment sessions for patients, dementia-friendly signposting and memory boxes.