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Tuesday 27 July 2021
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Malnutrition Taskforce
Malnutrition Taskforce.

Pilot programme to tackle malnutrition in Salford

Salford has been chosen as one of the national pilot sites for a programme aimed at tackling poor nutrition amongst older people.


As part of the national Malnutrition Task Force, Salford Royal is working in partnership withAge UK Salford, Salford City Council, NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust to raise awareness of the signs of under nutrition and to ensure older people receive the right level of support to keep healthy and independent.


It is estimated that one in 10 people over the age of 65 are suffering from, or are at risk of, under nutrition. This results in higher number of hospital admissions with longer stays in hospital, compared to those who are well nourished. Under nutrition can be caused by a number of reasons including ill health, depression, anxiety, mobility issues or lack of money.


Kirstine Farrer, Consultant Dietitian at Salford Royal said: “We aim to ensure the prevention and treatment of under nutrition is embedded in all care and community support services across the city, whilst raising awareness amongst older people and their families.


“We wish to encourage people to access the fantastic local services available to them such as Age UK Salford, which clearly make such a huge difference supporting the local community.”


People will be offered training to understand their nutritional needs and learn how to eat well in later life.


Patients are already screened in hospital or nursing homes to identify risks of under nutrition and those found to be at risk have a management care plan to meet their nutritional requirements.


Ten GP practices across the city will display supporting information about the programme and will be able to signpost people to other useful sources or services in the local community.


This collaborative will form part of Salford Together, which is a programme focussing on transforming and joining up health and care services for people living in Salford who are over the age of 65.


Salford Together aims to support greater independence, deliver better health and social care outcomes, improving the experience of service users and carers and reducing health and social care costs.


For more information about the programme, visit the Age UK website.