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Tuesday 27 July 2021
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Please help us to keep norovirus away from Salford Royal

Salford Royal is calling for the help of staff, patients and visitors in stopping the spread of vomiting and diarrhoea at the Trust.


The Trust has closed five wards to admissions and several other wards are under close observation following an outbreak of the virus.


Salford Royal has also restricted visiting to two visitors per patient on all wards (and these should be close family or friends) to prevent the virus being brought into the hospital from within the community.


Norovirus causes sickness and/or diarrhoea in the person suffering with it and is highly contagious.


Executive Director of Nursing Elaine Inglesby-Burke and Deputy Chief Executive said: “The symptoms of these bugs are unpleasant but they can be devastating to sick patients on hospital wards if the virus spreads inside the hospital. This is always a busy time for us and the last thing we need is an increase in staff sickness and beds closed to admissions.


“It is vital that people help us by being aware of the risks and taking action to prevent the spread of the virus. As ever, all visitors to the hospital are reminded of the importance of really thorough hand washing before entering a ward.


“The other crucial information is, if you have been sick or had diarrhoea within the last 48 hours, or been around someone who has, then please do not visit the hospital. That might not be nice for the person you intended to visit but the consequences if you spread the virus could be much worse. We also ask people not to bring children aged 12 years or younger into the hospital, as they often pick up these bugs at school without realising it.”


Whilst suffering with Norovirus some people may have a temperature, headache and stomach cramps. The illness usually resolves in one or two days with no long-term effects.


People are also being reminded that they need to choose well when it comes to getting treatment. People naturally seem to default to going to A&E or, if they have Norovirus, to their GP. They are being urged not to do this as it will increase the chance of the bug spreading. Instead it is better to stay at home as the infection is a self-limiting illness and you will recover naturally without treatment. You can follow these simple steps to help:


  1. Take plenty of fluids

  2. Wash your hands regularly

  3. Keep yourself away from others – especially from GP surgeries or hospitals