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Tuesday 27 July 2021
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David Dalton

Patient satisfaction is highest at Salford Royal

Patients have named Salford Royal as the best Acute Trust in the country, according to the In-Patient Survey 2013.


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) survey of adult inpatients in 2013 asked patients who spent at least one night in hospital a series of questions surrounding privacy, cleanliness and their confidence and trust in the clinicians they met.


In six out of the 10 sections of the survey, Salford Royal achieved better scores than other Acute Trusts. The six sections were: A&E, hospital and wards, nurses, care and treatment, operations and procedures and overall views.


These results mean that Salford Royal holds the best results nationally for Acute Trusts for both patient and staff satisfaction. Once again, Salford Royal has the best results in the country for the NHS Staff Survey 2013. This survey looked at levels of staff satisfaction and polled staff on a range of issues, including motivation, team working and whether they would recommend the Trust as a place to work or be treated.


Salford Royal Chief Executive Sir David Dalton said: “We are very pleased to have such fantastic feedback from our patients. It’s really rewarding for all those members of the Salford Royal team who work so hard day-in, day-out to provide our patients with safe, clean and personal care. These results are a real tribute to their efforts.


“We are the top performing Acute Trust for both patient and staff satisfaction. All the evidence shows that better motivated staff provide better care to patients and this double accolade for Salford Royal really does confirm this.


“We are always striving to be the best for our patients. There were four categories within the survey where we were rated similar to other Trusts: waiting lists; waiting to get a bed on a ward, doctors and discharge so we will now be looking at these areas to identify where we can make further improvements.”