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Monday 21 June 2021
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Janet Cairnie
Janet Cairnie recruits and trains volunteers for our renal units

Complementary therapies for patients on dialysis

 My name is Janet Cairnie, and my role is to recruit and train volunteers so that they can go onto the five renal units with patients under Salford Royal, i.e. Salford, Wigan, Bolton, Oldham & Rochdale. These volunteers will deliver therapies to the patients while they are on dialysis. Not only can this be a lovely treatment, but complementary therapies may really help a dialysis patient – by stress reduction, easing muscular or bone pain, reducing the symptoms of restless legs, dry skin, help reduce itching and cramps and pass the time during a boring and repetitive dialysis treatment. We have had great feedback from patients who have received treatments so far.


Therapies have been used in many clinical practices perhaps most widely in cancer and hospice care - and thus there is a lot of research and evidence to prove that it works and can be extremely beneficial to patients. We offer a range of therapies including Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage Reiki, and more – please ask for details.


As a complementary therapist, I – and I hope all our volunteers - aim to be caring, patient and understanding, a good listener, non-judgemental and easily approachable.  So if you see me or any of our Volunteer Therapists around any of the five renal units please feel free to say “Hello!” (we’ll be the ones in the purple/lilac tunics) and see us as a welcome addition to the care environment.


There are currently five therapists in Salford, five in Wigan, one in Bolton, one due to start at Oldham and 27 more coming through the volunteer system.


The Complementary Therapy service is funded by Kidney Care UK (previously known as the British Kidney Patient Association).

Renal Unit complementary therapy volunteers
Our lovely Volunteer Therapists: Belinda Abufares, Christopher Jones, myself (Janet Cairnie) and Clare Gibbon