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Monday 21 June 2021
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Nicola Powell
Nicola Powell, Renal Nurse, who wrote a celebratory poem for International Nurses' Day

Nicola pens celebratory poem for Nurses’ Day

Renal Nurse Nicola Powell has written a heartfelt poem to share with all her nursing colleagues in celebration of Nurses’ Day which takes place internationally on Friday 12 May.

Nicola, based in Salford Royal’s Bolton Renal Unit, has been with the Trust for 15 years. For the first four years she was a support worker and then undertook her nursing training, becoming a renal nurse.

Nicola says, “I write poems to help with stress. If I’m feeling stressed, I start thinking of words that rhyme and that takes my mind off whatever was worrying me. I’ve written poems for staff and even a patient. Sadly the patient passed away, but I was very touched that the poem was read at his funeral.”

Writing the poem for Nurses’ Day as a fun morale boost for her colleagues, Nicola adds, “It’s really rewarding to know that you’ve helped patients. That’s what helps get you through a bad day, as well as being part of a great team.”


Nurses' Day Poem

12th May is Nurses' Day let's celebrate with banners and cakes,
And say well done to each other, a few minutes is all that it takes.

We are nurses because we like to help, we are kind, we are nice and we care,
It's hard to imagine doing anything else, something easier we just couldn't bear!

It can't be that bad as we keep coming back even if we have had a bad shift,
It's our colleagues and the patients that get you through, they are there just to give you that lift.

To Florence Nightingale let's raise a glass on the anniversary of her birth,
And raise a glass to a job we are proud, to nursing, the best job on earth!

Happy Nurses' Day.


Written by Nicola Powell, Renal Nurse, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.