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Tuesday 27 July 2021
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CVT leaflet

#SalfordWTD: ‘Highly commended’ information for patients with CVT

Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is a rare form of stroke where clots block the venous sinuses that drain blood from the brain. However compared to other forms of stroke, CVT is more likely in younger people and females due to its risk factors which include hormonal contraceptives and pregnancy, as well as clotting disorders, cancer and infections. The symptoms vary but often headache, seizures or neurological deficit is present. CVT is treated with medications to reduce clotting.


All patients with CVT in Greater Manchester should be transferred to Salford Royal within 24 hours of confirmation of CVT. A new patient information leaflet has been produced which was highly commended by the British Medical Association Patient Information Awards 2017. It contains information on what patients should expect in terms of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and possible complications (future risks following a CVT can include deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism).


James Keitley, Medical Student at Salford Royal and The University of Manchester, who wrote the leaflet with Consultant Neurologist Dr Martin Punter, said: “Being diagnosed and treated for any thrombosis or stroke can be a very disorientating time and patients may forget a large amount of information given to them verbally, so it is important that we give them this leaflet to help them retain information. In particular, patients have told us that the leaflet helps them explain to others what has happened to them.”


The leaflet was developed to support the Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Cumbria care pathway developed for patients with CVT. It was produced with the involvement of patients at every stage, and can be accessed on the Salford Royal website and via the hospital's mobile application.

#SalfordWTD for World Thrombosis Day, 13 October 2017