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Monday 21 June 2021
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#SalfordWTD: Update on Salford Royal's VTE study

Salford Royal’s Acute Research Delivery Team is one of only two sites in the UK taking part in a Venous Thromboembolism Evaluation (VTE) study investigating the clinical performance of a new protein test (D-Dimer assay) to rule out deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE) in patients with low or intermediate pre-test probability.


Estimates indicate that, in England alone, more than one in 1,000 adults a year may be affected by DVT, and the same figure may experience pulmonary embolism. DVT clots can block the flow of blood partially or completely and cause the manifestation of symptoms, such as pain, swelling, aching and tenderness. If the clot lodges in the lung a potentially fatal PE can occur. Accurate diagnostics are essential to the early recognition of VTE and the prevention of these serious and life threatening complications.


Historically, clinical improvement drives have tended toward hospital acquired embolisms with the burden and the prevalence of the community VTE less well recognised and investigated. The Acute Research Delivery team is working with the Emergency Department to identify potential study participants and is aiming to recruit 80 patients over a four-month period.  Patients taking part in the study will have one blood test taken in addition to routine clinical bloods and will receive a follow-up phone call at 90 days.


If you would like any further information on the study please contact the Acute Research Delivery Team: Acute.Research@srft.nhs.uk or 0161 2062188.