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Saturday 27 November 2021
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An update on our Global Digital Exemplar work

 Our Global Digital Exemplar programme, which now includes more than 50 digital projects, is already seeing positive outcomes for patients, staff and the wider healthcare community.


We were one of 16 NHS acute trusts chosen to be a Global Digital Exemplar (GDE). The GDE Programme is not just about upgrading and introducing new technology, it is about replicable service change which is centred around:

  • Improving patient quality safety
  • Improving reliability
  • Increasing operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improving the patient experience

You can see how our staff and patients are benefiting from our world-class digital systems in our new video - you can watch that at the bottom of this page.


Early results of the two year programme include:

  • Our new electronic assessment tool for delirium is detecting delirium earlier.
    • Screening non-elective over 65-year-old patients, admitted via Emergency Department has increased
    • We reduced the average length of hospital stay for patients with delirium in from 73 days to 35 days between September and December 2017.
  • Our digital ecosystem project has developed the infrastructure for patients to send clinical and lifestyle data direct to clinicians, via wearables and apps to enable real-time clinical monitoring of patients.
    • Our pre-admission support app for Stroke has been used by 74 paramedics/technicians across the region
  • We have reduced our VTE (Venous Thromboembolism) rate from 411 to 333 with a new electronic assessment tool and have been awarded exemplar status for VTE
  • We are automatically screening 100% of patients for sepsis and reducing mortality rates by the administration of antibiotics within one hour, as well as reducing length of stay for patients with sepsis
  • We have seen the number of preventable HAT (Hospital Acquired Thrombosis) cases reduced by 13% to a total of 358 in 2017,with our new assessment tool for HAT
  • We have piloted innovative Speech Recognition software within five specialities
  • We have begun our Emergency Department Transformation project which will involve overhauling our documentation and processes within ED, upgrading our clinical coding, streamlining how we communicate with GPs and ensuring we meet all the new national standards
  • High Satisfaction - A recent survey of EPR users showed that 93% of clinicians were satisfied with the Salford EPR. The survey, run by KLAS research showed we have high clinical satisfaction with our current EPR from users
  • Since December, we have reduced the number of electronic patient care plans from 70 to 11, reducing documentation time for staff
  • We have electronically consolidated 24 different pathology order forms into two forms, standardising diagnostic order fields for order sets and pathways.
  • We have reduced the number of paper forms passing through our scanning bureau by 145,495.


Other projects to be launched in 2018, include:

  • E booking for patients
  • Control Centre – launch of a new state-of-the-art electronic control system to give up to date, real time data on inpatient flow, outpatient utilisation and admission trends.